This Young Fashion Designer’s Cancer Survival Story Will Inspire You To Take A Step Back And Move Forward With A Renewed Perspective

by Grace Libero-Cruz, January 30,2018

UPDATED (October 28, 2018) - Early this year, we wrote about the CEO, designer, and creative director behind the Patricia Santos Couture Fashion House. At the time, Patricia Santos had already established a huge following and an impressive clientele that includes some of the most popular and loveliest celebrities today. In just a matter of months, her name has gotten bigger, as she worked with more celebrity muses, launched her RTW bridal 2018 collection, and built a new atelier in a building that enjoys a stunning view of BGC's cityscape.

Little did people know that beneath these triumphs, Patricia had an even more inspiring story to share: she had thyroid cancer. Yesterday, however, she shared on Instagram that she had another neck surgery. "So today, I still can’t believe I just had my 2nd neck surgery. It’s been a really though road fighting against cancer and I’ve never been more scared than ever, I almost literally backed out of my surgery but I have faith that God is with me and he will heal me and that's what’s keeping me strong and positive," she says. Thankfully, Patricia said her surgery went well, and she's praying she will never have to go through this again. "I’m so looking forward the day I can say that I got through it! This is definitely just another bump in the road," she adds.

A lot of people have expressed their support for Patricia, and they can trust that she will not give up her fight. She ends her post on a positive note, "I will definitely come back stronger after this 'cause I have a lot more to give! Nothing can dim the light that is from within!"

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