EXCLUSIVE: Any Bride-To-Be Would Dream Of Fitting Gowns In Patricia Santos’ Luxurious New Atelier

by Hershey Neri, November 20, 2018, 12:47 AM

“This is it. My future office,” celebrity fashion designer Patricia Santos beamed as she stood by the window, taking in the magnificent BGC skyline.

Back in January, the space was bare: no wallpaper in place, no lights installed, and no color to add beauty to it all. But as Patricia walked around the floor, her heart beat louder than the sound of her footsteps—and she knew she was ready. Despite battling cancer for the second time—she was hopeful. Determined. Her dreams were vivid and bold. “The moment I stepped inside, I had a vision. A feeling,” she says.

For the 29-year-old designer, a spacious office to call her own was a dream come true. She tells Metro.Style, “Before I settle down, I want to proudly say that I worked hard for this. In the future, when I have children, I want to show them that they can dream big.”

And dream big she did. One random January afternoon with her mother and her sister was the defining moment. As Patricia strolled around BGC, she told her mother—"Ma, gusto ko ng shop na may sobrang gandang view." Her family was supportive—so supportive that they called up a broker, went around the city, and discovered the location of her new venture, all in one day.

Today, it’s a 182-square meter hotel-esque haven, perfect for every bride-to-be and those who want to feel like a princess on a special day. It all started with a bare room, three walls of gray concrete that framed the blue sky.

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